Lolafe manufacturer and Distributor of dietary supplements as well as Q10

We have more to offer: Consultation / development / production consultation and service - here we understand more than only manufacture and sale of dietary supplements. Because our team consists of many hochkompetenten specialists, you may expect actually everything, are relevant what kind of products. That begins in the detailed chemical raw material test in the Laboren and hears yet long in the underpinned marketing care not up. Let yourself advise.

Lolafe gmbh controls now already a 15 year-old market experience as a developer and manufacturer of high-value, naturheilkundlichen nourishment supplements, nature cosmetic products

It is our uppermost goal of producing products exclusively out of most high-value raw materials. Quality and purity of the used raw materials play herewith an exceptional role. In the midpoint of our philosophy, the quality security stands. We raise highest claims at the purity and the active agent salaries of natural vegetable raw materials. Also not-vegetable dietary supplements are tested regularly through external laboratories after legal guidelines. If we always possible forgo Konservierungs-, addition material and auxiliary material. We use exclusively vegetable dyes and eighth on that that our products contain no lactose.

All our products are produced exclusively with an entirely special and extremely protective manufacture procedure. Therefore valuable vital materials, vitamins, enzymes and mineral materials in optimally realizable form be preserved.

LOLAFE products are aimed used to the nourishment supplement about if by one-sided nourishment certain vital materials are underrepresented or are required under psychically-physical stress in special mass.

On a standardization LOLAFE products not deliberately was renounced to manipulate around it. We hope convince also you of our unique products to can and to wish you much joke in the further examination of our webpage. Gladly and always we are available you in questions or stimulations. Most sincerely your loLaFe-team.

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